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What Has Been Revealed to You?

Thank you for engaging in our experiment to get your words and ideas flowing ahead of worship on Sundays. Today, we'll continue that experiment!

We're living in a season of great uncertainty, one that can easily feel like the end of the world. As Josh leads our teaching this week, we'll be reflecting on the meaning of Revelation.

In the Christian Tradition, Revelation can be a controversial subject. It is a hotly debated book in the New Testament, interpreted as a possible glimpse into the future. If we look at the origin of the word, Revelation means to "lay bare" or "reveal". 

What has been revealed to you over the course of this year? What has been revealed to you through the teachings in worship, particularly our current study of history and supremacy culture? What has been revealed to you throughout the compounding crises we're living through right now? What have you noticed about yourself? Your friends and family? Our society?

We'll explore these questions and more together Sunday.

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