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What's Your Travel Style?

by Rev. Amy Shoemaker

This coming week I will be traveling for the first time since November of 2019. As I dust off my suitcase and prepare to leave, I find myself wondering, "Do I even remember how to travel?"

I am going to the East coast for a family wedding, very excited for a change of scenery. Before the pandemic I was traveling two to three times per year. When I was living in San Francisco, I travelled every couple of months. A full year and a half between trips is WAY too long for my sanity.

I've been reflecting this week about the "type" of traveler I am, noticing that it could all be different this time. Traditionally, I travel to visit friends or family and enjoy staying in their home. I don't mind an air mattress if it means more time with loved ones. Experiencing a new place with someone who lives there is more fun for me than wandering a strange place alone. I prefer to invest my travel dollars in building relationships rather than tourism. I set intentions for the trip, with flexible plans. I pack everything I think I might want or need, and inevitably forget something important.

How about you?

In an ideal world, how often would you travel? Where would you go? Do you like to plan every minute or go with the flow? Do you pack the essentials or do you pack for every possibility? How do you take care of yourself when you're traveling?

I have been asking myself all of these questions and more as I prepare to travel during this pandemic. From what friends have said, it will be different than it was before. I am curious to see those differences for myself and discover the ways that I have changed.

In my absence, Phillip will be available to provide pastoral care.

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