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What is Your Why?

by Rev. Amy Shoemaker

As we gather tomorrow for our Congregational Retreat, one question keeps coming to mind: What is our "Why"?

It is a question I have been trying to uncover for three years.

For most churches, the answer to this question is simple: "to make Disciples" or "to be like Jesus"... Too many Christian churches practice this by turning people into the type of Christian they think is correct. All kinds of love and support is available - if you fit a particular mold or meet a particular standard.

If we, as Broadway Church, are not here to force other people to fit a particular mold, then why do we exist? What is the higher purpose that inspires and compels us?

I know my personal answer to this question - How about you? What is your "Why"? What's our "Why" together?

Until we can collectively claim and embody one purpose, we will struggle to determine how to work together and what to create.

Today, I encourage you to consider your own personal motivation for participating in Broadway Church. Why do you attend events? Why are you in leadership? Why are you on this email list? What inspires and motivates your participation?

Honestly, I want to know! If you can't answer the question, contact me and we'll discern the answer together.

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