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What Do We Learn from Trees?

It seems strange to me that we start a new year in the middle of winter. The ground is hard, the air is cold, the sky is gray, and the sun sets too early. It feels like a time for endings, not beginnings. What does winter feel like for you? Does your mood change with the seasons?

What if the ancient people of the Bible were just as connected to nature as we are? What can we learn from images of nature in the Bible?

Josh Wise is leading a Bible Study Series that explores these questions. Josh says, "Trees are the most mentioned living being in the bible after God and people. The bible's story of humanity starts in a garden and ends in a city built around a tree. From the Tree of life, to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, to the burning bush, to the resurrection of Christ, wherever a significant event happens in the lives of God's people, you can bet that somewhere in the neighborhood is a tree. And like all good bible students, we say, what's up with that?"

Wednesdays at 6:30pm, via the same Zoom room as worship, you can join Josh and other Broadway community members to find out what trees meant to people 3500 years ago, and what that has to do with us today. It is a great opportunity for connection, sharing experiences, and discussing ideas. Check it out!

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