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Trinity UMC's Emergency Pantry Helps the Homeless

We have an opportunity to be of service to our neighbors who are experiencing poverty and homelessness. Trinity UMC, whose building we share, has invited us to participate in the Community Meals they host, and to help stock their Emergency Pantry.

Community Meals happen at lunch time on Mondays and Saturdays. If you are interested in volunteering to prepare or serve food, let me know.

The Emergency Pantry is accessible to anyone on Monday and Tuesday mornings. There are food and hygiene items available to anyone in need. If you want to help stock the pantry, you can bring the following items with you to church one Sunday:

  • shampoo & conditioner (matching sets, please)

  • men's deodorant

  • women's deodorant

  • non-alcohol mouthwash (the minty stuff, please)

  • toothpaste

  • women's body wash

  • men's body wash

  • scented hand sanitizer

  • shaving cream

  • baby wipes

  • hand lotion

  • boxed mac & cheese

  • cereal (lower sugar is best)

  • canned foods - carrots, condensed soups that contain meat, canned pasta sauce (with pop tops that don't require a can opener) 

This list does not include all of the items stocked in the pantry, these are just the items with low inventory right now. If you have wanted community service opportunities, these are two ways you can help within the building.

Over the past three weeks, our Sunday morning service has been attended by at least one homeless person. Does that surprise you?

I invite you to notice what beliefs you have about people who are experiencing homelessness. What signals tell you that someone is homeless? What stereotypes exist about homeless people? What do you believe about homeless people?

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