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There Are How Many Days of Christmas?

Guess what?! The Christmas Season isn’t over! We are currently in the midst of the time known as The Twelve Days of Christmas, which begins Christmas Day and ends with Epiphany (the day the Magi visited Jesus) on January 6th. 

This is a time for us all to reflect on the magic of the Christmas story. The story of God deciding to experience having a human body, entering the world the way every human has. God could have come to earth as an adult, with a crown and robes, and armies to conquer the world. But that’s not what happened.

The Divine took human form, the form of a teacher and a healer. This story is a radical departure from what we know of Kings, Lords and Princes. Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a Prince of Peace.

What ways can you honor your body - this human experience that is so important to God? I invite you to be gentle with yourself, to take good care of yourself. Notice what inner turmoil wants to be released, notice the ways your own soul longs for inner peace. 

As we move together into the new year, I look forward to the stories we can create together. Stories of peace, love, learning, and healing.

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