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The Gift of Tears

by LeAundra Stewart-Boyice

There is something special about tears. They fall against your cheeks for so many reasons.

Tears can tell a different story each time you cry. They are a silent way to communicate what can be found in your heart. It's how we speak the words that cannot find their way through our lips. It's how we show those emotions that often get trapped inside.

So what can be found in our tears? We find sorrow and joy; fear and faith; pain and pleasure; chaos and control; our past, present and our future; failures and achievements; and sometimes death and life.  

Tears are God's way of giving us the ability to release emotions we ourselves may not understand. Tears are never a bad thing. They should never be apologized for. 

When was the last time you cried? Do you remember how it made you feel? Were you able to articulate the origin of those tears? Maybe you could...maybe not. Just remember tears are a gift from God. It's the special communication from our hearts to God's heart. 

Never take for granted your precious tears and during those times unexplainable tears fall from your eyes, someone may ask why....simply say, "my heart is talking to God!"

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