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Thank You!

Last week I was away on a retreat that was originally scheduled for April of 2020. Yep, two whole years ago I was booking flights and arranging travel to a retreat that I didn’t get to attend until last week. Confession: It was the first retreat I have attended in my adult life.

I’ve been to many conferences, lead workshops at conferences and retreats, and facilitated whole retreats - but haven’t just attended a retreat with my spirituality as the focus. It. Was. Awesome!

Thank you to each of you who recognized back in 2019 that I worked really hard and deserved a break, for sponsoring the trip, and giving me time out of the office to attend. My whole being feels lighter. I was able to connect with parts of myself that have felt very far away throughout the pandemic. I am now a huge fan of retreats and fully appreciate the opportunity to foster deep connection with other queer clergy women who attended.

The retreat was organized and facilitated by Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber, a scholar, author, and artist whose work many of you would enjoy. She founded the Tehom Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to art, social justice, and spirituality. Her Holy Women Icons Project includes an art exhibit, books, classes, and retreats. Her latest book, Queering the Dream is available for presale. I encourage you to check out Angela’s work and follow her on social media.

Again, thank you all for your support. The retreat was an experience that will stay with me. Deep camaraderie was forged among everyone who attended, a support network that continues to be a blessing.

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