• Broadway Church

Take Time to Breathe

What a week this has been! From Mayor Lucas's Stay Home order to the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, we've seen certain government leaders step up in a big way.

Here at Broadway Church, we divided into Quarantine Care Groups and shared an updated Directory to stay better connected through this time. Our own Whitney Manney turned her home studio into a mask factory. I'm organizing educational materials to support everyone's spiritual and emotional health, reimagining how to worship and be church right now.

The adjustment to this health crisis has been massive. Usually, change happens in small steps over time. Over the past couple weeks, we've navigated one giant leap after another.

These big leaps have left most of feeling anxious, fatigued, worried, confused and/or afraid. We all need some time to adjust and recover from this initial shock in order to sustain the protective measures we've just put in place.

Take a breath. And another one. I have some good news for you. We still get to be Broadway Church. We still get to care for each other, check on each other, laugh, pray, and celebrate life together. While social distancing requires us to do all of this verbally over the phone or video conference, we still get to this sacred work.