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"No Hate" by LeAundra Stewart-Boyice

This week we have a special guest writer for you! Our Seminary Intern, LeAundra, has a poem to share with us:

No Hate

I may not fit in any mold

That you have made for me.

I may not have become

All that I was supposed to be.

I might not even look like

What you think I should

If the opportunity came to change,

I don't even think I would.

I am who I am because

God made me this way.

You are who you are

Whether you're straight

Or whether you're gay.

Black or white, young or old, gentile or jew

All of these things matters not,

Because God truly loves you!

However God made you,

God did it well

The Creator surely didn't create you..

Just to send you to hell!

You've been made to believe

You're not worthy to see God's face.

You've been made to feel like

Your soul is displaced.

In Gods own image

God created you!

God would not have taken the time...

If God hated you. 

So please, know

The Creator loves you!

Through God you've been made free!

To live, to laugh and to love

WHOSOEVER you may be!

LeAundra's words are a powerful message for us all. Join us September 8th to welcome her in worship!

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