• Broadway Church

New Bible Study Series Coming Soon!

by Josh Wise

I'm excited to announce that bible study is starting back up on Wednesday, June 16th at 6:30. This is a 6 week long online class in the Broadway Church's Zoom. Our topic for this series is titled "The Path of the Exile."

The Hebrew Bible was composed over the course of almost 2000 years. However, it wasn't until about 1000 years ago that the text began to take the form we know and read today. Coincidentally, this editing and compiling process took place while the people of Israel we're in exile in Babylon. This moment of national trauma reverberates throughout the text. It impacted what stories were kept in, and what stories were left out. Some stories were even rewritten in light of this exile experience and we can read both versions almost like an ancient before and after photo. This feeling of disconnection from home, from community, even from God's own self was felt by Jesus and his early followers generations after the fact.

So join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in the Broadway Church Zoom Room as we explore this ancient text and discover what does it mean to find meaning, community, and ourselves along the Path of the Exile.