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"My Mother's Eyes"

by LeAundra Stewart-Boyice

Tonight I am sitting with my mother and can't help but stare into her eyes. Her eyes tell a story...oddly enough the story I see is all about me. Sometimes what people see when they look at us is what they want to see. What do you see when you look into the eyes of someone who really loves you? Think about it! Take another look. This is what I see when I look into my mother's eyes.

My Mother's Eyes

When I look in your eyes 

I see the purest part of myself

The part only loved by you 

It gives me so much wealth

When I look in your eyes 

love grows more and more

I see your beautiful soul that I have come to adore

When I look in your eyes innocence overcomes me

Innocence of being your lil girl

A joy no one else can see

When I look in your eyes 

it's hard to comprehend

The love you must have for me

A love that will never ever end

When I look in your eyes 

I am always at ease

When any trouble comes around

You taught me to go to my knees

When I look in your eyes

I know the cost of forgiving

Without paying that price

Life's not worth the living

When I look in your eyes

This world is an open door

To make time to take every chance

To wander and explore

I remember the lessons you gave

And it comes as no surprise

I am the best of who you are

When I look in your eyes.

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