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Moving Past Uncertainty

Since I joined the ministry team at Broadway, finding a new space has been top priority. The search has been a hard road with twists and turns, hills and valleys. We have gotten close a couple of times before road blocks went up and we had to detour. Today, we are closer than ever to reaching our destination and having our own space again.

The search process, negotiations, research and endless decision-making have brought two challenges into sharp focus: Overwhelm and Uncertainty. 

Overwhelm can happen any time we're looking at the biggest version of a project, problem, or emotion for too long. In the midst of overwhelm, it is imperative to break the big thing down into smaller pieces and focus on the next step. If the thing you're dealing with feels too big, it probably is. Reach out for support, break it down, 

Uncertainty comes with its own particular type of stress. We all have our own ways of dealing with it. Some of us try to control the uncontrollable. Some of us imagine all the possible outcomes asking, "What if...?". Some of us shut down. There are as many responses to uncertainty as there are people. Along with incrementality, faith can be our greatest ally in the midst of uncertainty. Clarity comes from faith in our own abilities. Strength comes from trust in Divine love. We are SO loved!

While this quest of finding a new space for Broadway's ministries has been difficult, it also comes with a generous amount of hope and promise for the future of this congregation.

Thressa Newell, Taylor Kent, Sheryl Stewart, Carol Ramirez, Charles Ramirez, John Bozarth, Jim McKeown, Betty McKeown, Pat Lundgren, and Rachel Birdsell have all shown up in tremendous ways through out the process. We really can't thank them enough for their time, energy, attention, and expertise. Without people, we have no church. It is an honor to serve alongside this dedicated group.

Soon, congratulations will be in order!

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