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Memories of Grief

We are almost mid-way through December. The Holiday Season is in full swing and, if you're anything like me, the joy and excitement of the season is bittersweet. Why? Because of grief.

It can be a memory that lights up our minds out of nowhere in the cold dark of a winter evening. The joy of a past moment met with the sorrow of longing for new memories.

It can be the whiff of a familiar perfume in the middle of the grocery store. A reminder of how much we miss the person who wore that scent.

It can be the surprise uncovering of an old birthday card deep in a drawer. The physical, handwritten evidence of a love that now exists in spirit form.

Whether you experience it in stages, or waves, or seasons, grief can be sneaky. It can be especially strange to grieve the loss of someone who is still living. Some relationships are toxic. While it is okay to protect yourself from toxic or abusive people, it doesn't make the loss any easier.

Grief is no stranger to me. If I can support you in any way during this Holiday Season, please reach out to me. 

Know you are not alone. If you can't reach out to a person, open yourself to Divine love and grace for healing. 

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