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Meet Our New Intern

I am so excited for you to meet our Seminary Intern, LeAundra Stewart-Boyice! If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll get the chance September 8th when she will be in worship.

There are a few reasons why I’m excited:

- LeAundra has a deep faith and creative spirit to share with us- we can learn a lot from her!

- My seminary internship was my favorite part of seminary and I look forward to offering that to a current student.

- Your love and affirmation provides a student with a supportive learning environment that will accelerate a student’s vocational formation.

- Much of my career has been spent working one-on-one with clergy women as their Spiritual Director - skills I now get to utilize in service to LeAundra, her ministry, and Central Seminary.

Have there been people in your life who supported your professional development? What helped you? What hindered you? I’d like to know!

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