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Lent Doesn't Have to Be Joyless

Welcome to the season of Lent. It is easy to think of Lent as a depressing time when we "give up" yummy things like chocolate (especially when the best candy is available around Easter).

These 40 days are meant to mimic Jesus's days of temptation in the desert. We are invited to live in solidarity with Jesus's struggle and sacrifice. My Lenten invitation to you is not about denying yourself something that brings you joy.

I invite you to step into deeper intention about the ways you spent your time, the topics that occupy your thoughts, and the openness of your heart to the presence of Spirit.

These weeks are a time to awaken from routine, look beyond the things we do automatically or without thinking. Commit to the thing you have been putting off. Play that guitar, run that marathon, balance that checkbook, paint that wall, call that friend - whatever your heart longs for.

Lent is a time we spend in preparation to receive God's love in a new way on Easter. This is your chance to clear the path to your own heart's desire.

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