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Lent Check In

We are about half-way through Lent. How’s it going for you? Did you make a commitment or set an intention when Lent started? Have you been able to keep up with it? What’s helping? What’s challenging?

I gave up Worry About the Future for Lent. I am pleasantly surprised by how well it is going, especially considering I’m about six weeks from my due date!

I’ve heard pregnancy described as a liminal time - a space between places. I can feel my attention splitting between preparation for birth and the demands of my life pre-motherhood. I can feel the birth portal energy calling to me, while still going about many of the same tasks and activities I’ve been doing for years. I am in a space between.

Do I still worry? YES! With my Lenten intention to release Worry About the Future, I haven’t eradicated worry… Instead, I am conscious of my own worrying and can find my way to peace much quicker than before. Previously, I’d let my mind spin and spin on the stress, annoyed that I was feeling stress, worried about when the stressful situation would resolve. Now, I can let the stress and worry be there and choose a self care or comfort measure in response. Progress!

Today I invite you to check in with your Lenten intention - what do you notice?

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