• Broadway Church

LeAundra Is Not Saying Goodbye...

by LeAundra Stewart-Boyice

I just cannot believe my internship at Broadway Church has come to completion. This has been such an enriching experience. This community has been a blessing to me in ways I had not expected.

I came to Broadway Church with this thought in mind..."this is a class project."  It has become so much more! I consider you all to be an extension of my own church family. I have grown to cherish the relationships, leadership, love, and the acceptance that has been shown to me..priceless! The thoughts of our shared conversations, insights, jokes, and tears will be the highlight of many days for me.

I will never forget my second family at Broadway Church! Thank you for making this more than a school project! I will forever hold you in my heart and in my prayers. May God continue to richly bless you individually and collectively.

This is NOT goodbye...this is I'll be back!