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Justice for Wyandotte

We are doing a really cool thing! It is called Justice for Wyandotte, a grassroots community organization that is doing multifaceted justice work in Wyandotte County. Broadway Church is incubating this courageous start up, providing fiscal sponsorship and leadership volunteers. Lead Organizers Khadijah Hardaway and Nikki Richardson are working directly with Wyandotte County (WyCo) residents and community leaders to create systemic change. Broadway Church members Sheryl Stewart, Cheryl Peters, Beka Leininger, and I began meeting with Khadijah last summer to organize rallies and protests, engaging the community to make their voices heard! What's the problem? Generations of WyCo residents have been wrongfully incarcerated, coerced into false testimony, sexually assaulted, and harassed by officers of the police department. The Unified Government and District Attorney have failed to listen to their constituents and meet the demands of the community. These patterns have been widely publicized in the press, and following appeals from Khadijah, the Federal Bureau of Investigation stepped in to investigate. Currently, Justice for Wyandotte is:

  • Working with the District Attorney's office to encourage witnesses and victims to come forward.

  • Providing direct support to victims, witnesses, and their families.

  • Coordinating with investigative reporters to increase public pressure on elected officials.

  • Increasing voter engagement and turn out in upcoming elections.

  • Producing multimedia projects to raise awareness of the issues.

Want to help? There are plenty of ways to be involved! Donate Online Put "Solidarity Fund" or "Justice for Wyandotte" in note PayPal: Venmo: @broadwaychurchkc CashApp: @$broadwaychurchkc Join the Weekly Community Meeting Wednesdays @ 2:30pm Zoom ID: 563 731 9067 Listen to the 7th Street Podcast Spotify Google Apple Facebook Page Do you live in WyCo? Check your voting status and put elections on your calendar: Follow on Facebook Not sure what to do? Email me and I'll help you get connected.

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