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Join us on a Justice Journey

This has been quite a week. In the midst of so many injustices that need attention, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is important to prevent burnout as we walk the path of justice.

Issues of racial and economic justice have pervaded Western culture for hundreds of years. Even with increased pressure on elected officials, it will take time to make change. In a call with the AACP, The Urban League of Greater Kansas City, and MORE2 this morning, we discussed what it will realistically take to get Local Control of the KCPD. It may require gathering signatures to get the issue on a ballot so that the public can vote it into effect - like we are doing for Medicaid Expansion.

We're in a marathon, not a sprint. It is important to discern your piece in the movement. Protests are an important demonstration of our power to organize people - and protests are one of many ways to effect change. As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to tell our elected officials and government workers what we value, and how they can better embody and work for those values. After all, it is our tax dollars that pay them. They are accountable to us.

As you discern your own long-term involvement, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What do I care most about? 

Work is being done to create equity in education systems, healthcare systems, criminal justice systems, housing practices (tenants rights), and  employment practices. Think about your own story. What do you want most for your community? Connecting your justice work with your own passion will help keep you motivated in the midst of discouragement.

What resources do I have to share?

Your time, talents, relationship networks, social media followers, vote, and money can all be utilized to support economic and racial justice work.

Who can I partner with, who is already involved?

Google and Facebook Searches using the right keywords can help you find out who is working in your neighborhood to change policies and procedures that disproportionately impact your black neighbors. Who has the power to change policy? Every city and state have different procedures for making policy changes. Educating yourself about the workings of the government will help you make the biggest impact with your actions. These questions are the most basic ones to ask as you learn more about different actions you can take. I am happy to be in conversation with you to support your discernment process. I look forward to being on this justice journey with you for years to come.

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