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  • Amy Shoemaker

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

As we settle into our new space, we’ve started the process of updating the design and content of our website. One addition to the site will be information about the history of Broadway Church.

In order to write that content, I’ve been going through a variety of historical documents. It made sense to start at the beginning, so this week I have been immersed in the years between 1872 and 1922.

A lot happened in those first 50 years. I can’t help but see parallels between those early days of the First Swedish Baptist church and our own experience of replanting Broadway Church.

At the Golden Jubilee celebration, Pastor J. G. Oster read: 

“These men and their early followers were not afraid of sacrifice... They saw a duty that ought to be done; they saw a task that needed doing, and they never asked what it might cost... They were strangers to fear, unacquainted with hesitation in the presence of duty, always eager to do [God’s] bidding... I rejoice that their stumblings always were toward Christ...with hearts beating with good intentions and high purposes. “

It is my deepest hope that someone someday will look back on this current moment in Broadway Church’s history and recognize the courage of our members and our leadership team. There is immense bravery throughout the history of Broadway Church. I look forward to sharing more of those stories with you.


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