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How Does the Weather Affect You?

Over the past couple weeks, there has been a palpable sense of relief in the midst of our worship services. Have you felt it? The reason for our collective relief has been mentioned in our Community Prayer time... Do you know what it is? The end of winter. 

This winter was rough, y'all! As we've been talking about and redefining repentance for ourselves during Lent, we have been viewing it from the perspective of healing and recovery. Are there ways you are recovering from winter? Perhaps the flu took you down and you feel behind on some tasks. Maybe you slipped or fell and have been tending to an injury. Perhaps the cold itself was painful all those months.

I can't help but identify with the condition of our roads. In some ways, my soul feels just as crunchy, crumbly, and damaged. All lanes of Ward Parkway are being resurfaced from The Plaza to Bannister Road. There are areas of my spiritual life that need such a dramatic change.

My heart welcomes the shining sun, singing birds, blooming daffodils, and warmer temperatures. I can go for walks, clean up the yard, and open the windows. These are small things that have a big impact over time. It is like coming back to life.

How has this winter been for you? If you love winter, the snow may have fed your soul. Whatever your experience of the seasons is, it is important to notice the impact of the seasons on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It can be all too easy to disregard or ignore environmental factors when thinking about spiritual wellness. 

This is your invitation to factor the weather and your own seasonal wisdom into your choices about self care. Confused about how? Email me and we'll get together -

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