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How Are We Staying Connected?

I am heartbroken that we can’t meet up in person right now. I'm frustrated that we don't know how long we'll have to worship virtually. Sunday mornings are usually a sacred time for us to break any isolation we’ve felt during the week and be with people who see us, hear us, and love us without condition - to be our most transparent selves together. It is clear that worshipping together on Sunday mornings online is a very different experience than when we’re all in a room together. 

I invite you to feel that disappointment, that grief, and then open your mind to opportunity. Virtual meetings are the best way for us to stay connected during this time of social distancing (which would have been impossible fifteen years ago). I invite you to explore this opportunity of virtual connection. It is different, AND I’m working diligently with church and technology leaders to create meaningful online experiences.

While this is a challenging moment, it won’t last forever. Engage curiosity. What does this time have to teach you about yourself? What are you learning? What self care innovations are necessary right now? There is plenty to explore - if you’re willing. I look forward to sharing physical space with you as soon as we are able.

If you don’t already follow @broadwaychurchkc on Instagram and Facebook, I encourage you to do so. I will be posting inspirational and educational content starting Monday.

Rachel and I created a page of information on the Broadway website about how we get to be community right now. It includes video conferencing and phone-in instructions, donation instructions, social justice opportunities, and info about what to do if you need help. Click here to visit that page.

Above all, know that you aren't alone. Whatever you're feeling, other people are feeling it too. We're all in it together.

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