• Broadway Church

Holy Week

This is Holy Week. While it looks a lot different than expected, Rev. Stephanie Swanson (Crossroads Church) and I have worked hard to create and record Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services that we hope will be meaningful for you. They will be posted on Facebook and our website:

As you experience those services and observe these holy days of remembrance, I invite you to notice if anything new comes up for you in the story of Christ’s betrayal, crucifixion, and death. I invite you to hold the devastation of this story lightly. We know the resurrection is coming. Not only do we get to hope for it, we can count on it - it is a sure thing!

Easter is Sunday. Let that knowledge be a comfort to you. Draw strength and security from it.

For us, the Easter story has already happened. We know how the story ends. Today, we get to have the grief of death and the joy of new life all at the same time.

This week looks a lot different than originally planned. Let it be a Holy Week.