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Giving the gift of gratitude

Hello everyone! It's November! That means Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Since this is the 1st day of the month that is set aside for giving thanks, I would like to propose a challenge.

Today I challenge you to tell someone "THANK YOU!" Don't judge, don't criticize, don't auto-correct... just tell someone "thank you" for the person they are, that thing they did, the smile they gave, or for their beautiful soul.

We get so very busy going about our day that we miss those important moments. Those moments to be thankful that God has placed people in our lives to be a blessing to us in our time of need. 

God is so mindful to create sweet and beautiful souls disguised as our friends, family, partners, parents, children, teachers, spouses, and even those who bless us that we don't even know. How awesome is that?

I challenge you! Start this month of thanks putting a smile on someone's face, a pep in their step, and joy in their heart, and more importantly, joy in the heart of God.

Today, give the gift of gratitude! See you all Sunday! Be blessed AND a blessing!

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