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Fiscal Reflection

This is the time of year when we, as a community, consider the church’s financial picture for the coming year. Individually, we evaluate what we can pledge to the church. Collectively, we decide how those resources will be utilized in service to our community.

We live in a society in which questions and conversations about money can be uncomfortable and stressful. In our congregation, this time of year offers us an opportunity to deeply consider what we value, and match that to our financial practices.

Think for a moment about the amounts of your money that go to for-profit corporations… Your rent or mortgage payment, utility bills, entertainment services, grocery stores, restaurants. Someone is profiting from the money you spend in those places.

Donations to Broadway Church provide direct spiritual support to those who have been traditionally rejected from Christian community. This is a unique and significant ministry for our city. There are only a handful of churches in the metro area that have LGBTQ+ staff members. Even fewer whose pastoral staff includes an LGBTQ+ minister. We get to provide trustworthy spiritual leadership and affirming community to people who have never experienced it before. This week, I invite you to consider your financial contribution to this ministry in 2022. Next week I will share how to send your pledge and donations.

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