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Enneagram + Attachment Class

This Sunday we begin a new course, Intersections - Enneagram and Attachment. Sheryl Stewart and Thressa Newell will lead us through an interactive exploration of the ways our Enneagram Number and our Attachment Style impact our day to day lives and our relationship with the Divine.

Why do concepts like the Enneagram and Attachment theory matter? What purpose do they serve?

Broadway Church has stated collectively that we believe each of us is on an individual spiritual journey. Our relationship with God is personal and individual to each of us. One responsibility we have in this relationship is to continue learning, to better understand ourselves and to cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine.

While this class may be interesting, it also serves this greater purpose: to bring us closer to God. I now invite you to join us on Sunday at 12:30pm for our first session in this new three session course. You can register by clicking here.

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