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Do You Have a Care & Safety Plan?

The past couple of weeks have been intense. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent warnings about an increased threat of violence from White Supremacist groups at state, local, and federal courthouses around the country. Federal law enforcement has told local police to increase security at statehouses. I am writing to you today to encourage you to make a Care and Safety Plan this weekend for the coming week and to share some recommendations for staying safe physically, mentally, and spiritually. For your mental and spiritual health:

  • Be intentional with your engagement of News and Social media. If you feel yourself getting anxious, take a break. Check out my previous writing about social media boundaries for more info.

  • Prioritize rest. Depending upon the events of the week, you may have trouble focusing, your energy may be low, your emotions may be loud. Take time to disconnect and recharge.

  • Make a list of spiritual practices that help you the most. Schedule time in your calendar to engage those practices. Keep that list nearby so you can engage those practices in an anxious moment.

  • Check on your loved ones and ask them to check on you.

  • Refill medications and set reminders to take them.

For your physical safety:

  • If you don't need to be near a courthouse or statehouse this week, steer clear. If you pass one of these buildings on your usual driving route, plan a different route.

  • Stock your home with food for the week

  • Refill important prescription medications

  • Fully fuel your vehicles and check the spare tire

  • Keep your important documents, cash and debit card, phone and laptop chargers, prescription medications, and an emergency radio together in one place in case of an emergency.

  • Avoid clothing with certain logos that might make you a target.

You may be thinking, "Come on, Amy. Is this really necessary?" Honestly, I don't know if it is necessary, which is the point. We don't know what is going to happen this week, so it is better to be prepared, to have a plan, than to be caught off guard. It is my hope that creating a plan will provide you with some peace of mind this week and help you prioritize your own care. The list I've provided is from my experience. What's missing for you? Based on your experience, what else would you add to prepare for the week?

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