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  • Amy Shoemaker

Is it Possible to Balance Creativity and Money?

There are times in the present moment when the past crashes into the future with such force that the only option is to step back in amazement and wonder at the movement of the Universe. In other days and other moments, past, present, and future easily and gracefully flow from one to the other. 

This has been a week of collisions. All of the hard work of current and past generations colliding with the needs, hopes, and potential for future generations.

Big questions are a natural fit with big transitions. In moments of transition I am especially thankful to be in community with others who have more wisdom than I do.

One of the big questions we are exploring as a church is how to become financially sustainable. This is an essential question for any group whether it is a family, an organization, a company, or a church. I have personally struggled with ways of balancing financial security with creative growth and entrepreneurial risk. When I have felt most financially secure I have felt creatively starved and vice versa. 

A mentor of mine, Phil Porter, speaks to this dance between creativity, grace, money and what “saves us”. Phil’s article, “The Economics of Grace: Art, Money, and Salvation” is one of the most informational essays I’ve read on the subject. Click here to read it, it might clear some things up for you too.


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