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Blessed Are They...

This week we launch into a new series focusing on the Beatitudes, beginning with Matthew 5:1-3. It is the first part of Jesus's Sermon on the Mount that continues through Matthew 7:28. In this sermon, Jesus describes (to his four disciples) God's will for Christ's followers. 

The picture Jesus paints is the opposite of most of the dominant Roman culture and governance. Can you imagine being on top of a mountain, with four other people, and one guy starts going on and on about God's will? I would probably find a polite way to excuse myself thinking, "This guy is nuts." 

Luckily, the relationship the disciples had with Jesus was deep enough for them to listen intently and move forward in action. Isn't that what we strive to do every day? To listen for the presence of God, allowing Spirit to motivate our actions? Perhaps there is more for us to learn from these beatitudes than we assume.

I look forward to exploring with you what Jesus meant when he said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

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