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Autumn, Cycles, and Crunchy Leaves

The season of Autumn has officially begun - September 23rd was the first day of Autumn. Can you feel it? The crisp mornings, the leaves turning, the sunsetting earlier... No? Today's forecast of 90+ degree temps and thunderstorms doesn't evoke a sense of Autumn? Yeah, I don't feel it either.

And, I look forward to feeling it. I look forward to cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, and leaves crunching underfoot. The changing of seasons can be a physical manifestation of faith: We know fall is coming because we've seen it happen many times before - it just isn't here yet.

Can you think of a parallel in your own life? Something you know is coming because it has happened many times before, you just aren't in it yet? Maybe a birthday, anniversary, or holiday? Perhaps you go through your own seasons personally. There may be cycles in your emotional life, your spiritual life. 

As we anticipate being able to see Autumn in nature, what can we notice from the changing of the seasons and then apply that wisdom to our lives? I can't answer that question - yet. And, I look forward to learning.

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