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Are You Getting Enough Rest?

I have been thinking a lot this week about sustainability. We often hear the word “sustainable” or “sustainability” in connection with protecting our environment - particularly sustainable farming and industrial methods.

That’s not the sustainability I’ve been thinking of. I’m thinking about sustainability of life on a personal level, noticing what is life giving, what is draining, and attempting to cultivate balance.

Whenever we’re talking about spiritual growth and self care, it is easy to immediately start brainstorming all the new things we need to add to our schedules so that we’re more fulfilled. Sometimes, the key to our wellbeing is actually doing less. Rest is an overlooked and underrated form of self care.

It can be as simple as laying down for 10 minutes, closing your eyes and thanking Spirit for the breath in your lungs, the beating of your heart.

In a world where there is always something to do, it can be challenging (and empowering) to say, “no” and rest. This is your invitation to choose rest between now and Sunday.

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