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  • Amy Shoemaker

Are You a Happy Camper?

Today is my first day as Co-Director of the Chi Rho Creativity Camp! For the next five days I’ll be at Tall Oaks Camp and Conference Center leading twenty 6th and 7th graders as they explore the ways that Art and Creativity inform their faith. We’ll make art, play games, eat s’mores, worship, pray, and learn about God. 

It is my favorite week of the summer because Tall Oaks is such a special place. The kids who struggle to be accepted in school or who might be “weird” end up being the coolest kids at camp. The aspects of someone’s personality that make them a target for bullying at school are celebrated for their uniqueness.

I get to create space for kids to come out of their shell, to practice courage, and try something new. I get to witness them accept themselves and each other more deeply. They leave more confident in themselves and their faith. It is a deeply sacred experience that I am grateful to be part of this week.

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