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A Poem from our Seminary Intern, LeAundra

Let Them Know…

It’s difficult to tell people that God has the power to change them when change seems to escape you.  

It’s difficult to tell people to be strong in the Lord when the weight of life brings you to your knees. 

It’s difficult to tell people that joy comes in the morning when some mornings you wake up in tears.  

It’s difficult to tell people to keep on going when you keep running into brick wall after brick wall.It’s difficult to tell people there is a purpose and a call on their lives when you start to doubt your call and your purpose.  

Yep, it can be difficult to tell people these things, but life may be more difficult for them if you don’t tell them. We are all a work in progress and in different stages of our journey to healing. The more you tell people of God’s greatness, the more you may become under attack in your own life. No matter how difficult it gets…

You can change!

You can be strong!

You can have joy!

You can keep going!

Your purpose and call on your life is real!

Hurt people hurt people – healed people heal people and together we can change the world, one whisper at a time. 

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