• Broadway Church

A Letter from our Social Justice Team

Hello friends,

Over the past year our Social Justice Team has been blessed with many opportunities for growth and action. We’ve witnessed and stood behind the rise of Justice for Wyandotte, we’ve gotten training from MORE2, and we have learned so much from our conversations with each other.

We want to expand these conversations to you. Some of you may have noticed that Broadway is, for the most part, populated by white folks. We want to use this understanding of our community to help us focus on what it means for Broadway to be actively anti-racist. For us, this starts with conversations around what it means to be white. So, here’s where you come in. We want to hear from you, white folks. If you are a person of color, we would love to hear your thoughts, especially questions you have for white folks, but you are also welcome to sit this one out.

At the bottom of this letter is a link to a survey to get an understanding of our collective thoughts on our whiteness. Please speak with honesty; what you share will be anonymous. We aren’t looking for a curated version of you, we want to hear your raw feelings and experiences around being white. This will help us so much with this process.