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8 Body Wisdom Principles

Over the past four Sundays, we have been exploring the 8 Body Wisdom Principles. These are concepts we can apply to our spiritual path in order to grow. I invite you to use these as they are helpful to you:

1. Easy Focus - The opposite of hard focus, it is the full body equivalent to peripheral vision and opens our awareness to all the little bits and pieces of our experience, moving from criticism to observation.

2. Body Data, Knowledge, Wisdom - Body Data =  the bits and pieces of information we gather in any one moment - thoughts, sensations, emotions, etc. Body Knowledge = Patterns in the data that we notice over time Body Wisdom = The choices we make in response to our data and knowledge.

3. Internal Authority - Believe what you notice. No one knows more about you than you do - you are the highest authority when it comes to your own experience.

4. Physicality of Grace - Grace is the opposite of stress - something we feel. Notice the grace and have more of it. This includes giving yourself permission to have all that is good, breaking down any barriers that stand between you and more of the good.

5. Body Wisdom Practice - Change takes practice. Once we know what provides grace, we can structure our lives in a way that maximizes it.

6. Incrementality - Big change happens in small steps over time. Breaking our problems, feelings, processes into smaller steps creates ease.

7. Exformation - Let go of the "stuff" you don't need anymore - the opposite of information.

8. Affirmation - Never underestimate the body's need for reassurance. Celebrate even the smallest steps toward change.

These principles have supported me through some of life's most difficult moments. If you have any questions about them, or would like to learn more about how you can specifically apply them to your life, let's chat! In worship on Sunday, you can sign up for a one-on-one meeting with me.

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