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Broadway Church began in the winter of 1872 with a simple mission: Welcome the Stranger. At the time, that primarily meant Swedish people who had just immigrated to Kansas City. The founding pastor would hang out on the train platform shouting in Swedish, “Does anyone speak Swedish?”. Those who responded to his call were connected to jobs, housing, and community.

Today, Broadway Church serves as a refuge for those who have been harmed in other faith communities. Some of us were rejected for being LGBTQ, others for questioning beliefs or power structures, demanding justice, or simply having doubts about the nature of God. In honor of our 150th year, we’re creating the resource we needed when we left those churches that hurt us.

We are raising $150,000 in order to establish a new space for love, learning, and liberation to heal hearts and transform the world. We’re calling it Heartspace and we’re passionate about the impact this project can have in our city and beyond. 

Consisting of online and in person educational events and support groups, Heartspace will teach people to: 

  • Identify and breakthrough oppressive beliefs and patterns

  • Recover from painful religious experiences

  • Nurture and grow an affirming belief system for a vibrant spiritual life

  • Participate in a network of mutual support

  • End limiting generational patterns

  • Inhabit relationships that reach beyond the current social norms of white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, etc.


Some examples of what Heartspace will teach:

  • LGBTQ affirming scripture interpretations and theological frameworks.

  • The history of Christianity and its influence on social movements, political agendas, and cultural norms.

  • How science can help us better understand ourselves and cope with life’s challenges.

  • Parenting methods that honor the latest psychological research to raise mentally and spiritually healthy children.

  • Artistic and embodied practices to liberate our minds, bodies, and souls.

Will you help us turn this vision into a reality? Can you make a philanthropic investment in Heartspace this year? 

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