Inclusive, Progressive, Creative.

We are a community of loving, accepting, open-minded individuals who see each person as a divine being on their own unique human journey. Many of us have been rejected, excluded, or frustrated by other faith-based groups. We are an inclusive, theologically progressive, healing community focused on the spiritual transformation that comes from following Jesus Christ.

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We have five parking spaces on the West side of the building, pictured on this map in blue. Nights and weekends, we also have use of the parking lot across 29th Street in front of America Grinding and Sales (also in blue on the map).


There is plenty of street parking both on Jarboe and 29th Street.


If you do not have mobility challenges, we ask that you leave the spots closest to the entrance open.


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What to Expect

  • ​When we say "All are welcome," we mean it. Straight, gay, richer, poorer, white, black, cisgender, transgender, etc. We ask only that you offer the same acceptance to others in this space.

  • We believe it's possible to be dedicated people of faith who aren't stuffy or all that serious. Wear the clothes you're comfortable wearing. Jeans, leggings, or a three piece suit - why not a ballgown?

  • Children are welcome! We believe children aren't the future of the church; they're the church RIGHT NOW. We also know they wiggle and laugh and drop things. We understand and provide Activity Packs to keep small hands occupied. 

  • We don't endorse candidates, but we are active in social justice and hold our representatives accountable to racial and social equity. We are going to talk about real life and current events. That's where the rubber meets the road in our faith. 

  • We celebrate the sacrament of communion (i.e., the eucharist, the Lord's Supper, that thing with the bread and the cup) every  third Sunday, and you are invited to share, if you want--whether you've been baptized or not. That table belongs to Jesus, not us, and he's the one who invites you to "taste and see the goodness of God." Also, we always use juice, out of respect for those living with addictions. Our communion is always gluten-free.

  • Our worship is liturgical, meaning we celebrate the seasons of the traditional church year from Advent to Lent to Easter to Pentecost.

  • Expect change. Embrace surprises. You just never know what you may find on Sunday.

  • We do a lot of singing. Our focus is helping everyone in the congregation find their own voice.

  • People will say hello. Just go with it. You may even make a friend!

First of all: No, the building won't catch fire if you walk through the door. Spirit already loves every aspect of who you are. You are welcome and wanted here. Many of us have complicated relationships with church, but we strive to make our space a validating and affirming one. A little bit about us:


Events and Announcements

  • Solstice Ritual with Proclaiming Pride
    Dec 19, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    Kansas City, 4501 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA
    An evening to honor the return of daylight.
  • Julotta Celebration
    Dec 25, 6:30 AM
    Trinity United Methodist Church, 620 E Armour Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64109, USA
    Join us for our traditional Swedish Christmas morning candlelight service! This dual language service honors the Swedish beginnings of Broadway Church while recognizing American Christmas traditions.
  • TBD
    Christmas Eve with Trinity UMC
    Friday, December 24th
    Kansas City, 620 E Armour Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64109, USA

Our Beliefs

What Kind of Church is Broadway?


We are an inclusive, theologically progressive, healing community focused on the spiritual transformation that comes from following Jesus Christ.

The following are some of the beliefs common among us:      

  • We see each person, like Jesus did, as a divine being on a human journey.

  • We believe that God communicates directly with every person.

  • We experience God as love and embrace the Spirit breaking through the barriers that keep people from unconditional love.

  • We cherish the healing, transforming power of the Spirit of God within each person.

  • We accept God’s promise that every person without exception will awaken to the light of divine love.

  • We are convinced that hell is solely a human construct and not a punishment inflicted on anyone by our Creator.

  • We follow Jesus’s example as he embraced, ignored, and rejected parts of the Scripture of his day.

  • We agree that the names we use for God are as various as human experience, including and transcending all metaphors. 

  • We respect other traditions and spiritual paths.

  • We acknowledge that human spiritual understanding has evolved and will continue to evolve over time.

  • We reject all punishing, vengeful, and violent images of God.                                                                                      

  • We have found that the self best evolves with the support of others.

  • We learn, grow, and risk as a community committed to spiritual transformation.

  • We recognize our own vulnerabilities and privileges in society, as we work toward equity for the poor, the outlawed, and the marginalized.

  • We are called to be stewards of the universe, its planets, and its creatures.

Rev. Amy Shoemaker



Following ten years of ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amy brings a creative approach to Broadway's ministry.

Becki Bayless



Becki joins Broadway from an Evangelical church and music education background. She is an avid reader who also loves podcasts!




Our History

Founded in 1872 as First Swedish Baptist Church by Swedish Immigrants, we have a long history of "welcoming the stranger". Since our beginning  as an outreach to Swedes, to our fight against corruption during the Pendergast era, to our fight for women's rights and LGBTQ+ equality, Broadway Church continues to live up to our founding intention of welcoming everyone.


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